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Teen Movies

The plots of teen movies usually revolve around coming-of-age stories, usually based on popular trends of the era. Settings of teen movies are usually in high schools and other popular hang-outs of teenagers. Hollywood has witnessed the evolution of the adolescent audience for the past 70 years of teen movies.

Early Hollywood teen movies

Hollywood teen movies first resurfaced in the 1930s through the Andy Hardy feature film series on teen romance. Mickey Rooney co-starred with Hollywood icon Judy Garland in almost 10 years of the Andy Hardy teen movies. Teen movies also play a significant role in film and cultural history.

The 1950s showcased more brazen themes as teen movies of this era showed the rebellious streaks of teenagers back then. The most notable flick among the teen movies of that era was "Rebel Without a Cause" featuring James Dean. Hollywood teen movies of the '50s inspired most teenagers to idolise the rebellious stars of the teen movies through their clothing and manner.

'70s teen movies

Teen movies in the 1970s were featured in many different angles, effectively promoting the many facets of teenage lives. Emotional dramas told of teen love while the portrayal in teen movies of the gang life led by some teenagers also started to take root in this era. In the late 70s, the most notable teen movies showcased the musicality and burgeoning creativity of the youth in flicks such as Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Fame.

'80s teen movies

The 1980s bore witness to many outstanding teen movies and jump started the film careers of various actors. Molly Ringwald and Phoebe Cates dominated the scene of teen movies in this era as Patrick Dempsey and the members of the "Brat Pack" graced the silverscreen even before people got to know them in their current heightened status. Most teen movies of the '80s centered on coming-of-age stories and other issues such as homosexuality, suicides and other prevalent issues of the time.

'90s up to the latest teen movies

As the end of the millennium approached, teen movies in the '90s grasped a variety of subjects. Though coming-of-age was still a typical anthem, teen movies focusing on the diverse backgrounds of teenagers surfaced. Retelling these stories with authenticity gave teen movies of the '90s a bite. Themes such as race and gender issues still recurred well into the 2000s. Horror-themed teen movies were also dominant in this era.

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